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"Your new service,
the 60-minute Oasis,
is a wonderful
addition to Face Body Spirit!
I like the concentrated
attention to one, maybe two,
body parts, with that part
especially being my feet.
What a soothing, relaxing,
and enjoyable experience
it was. I left the appointment
feeling rejuvenated and
pampered. The chairs are so
comfortable, the lighting so
soothing, and your work on
my head and feet
so generous.
I spent an hour
completely transported!
Thank you so much!"
       — Judy McCann



60-Minute Oasis!

Herbal Foot Soak,
Foot & Lower Leg Massage,
plus Scalp, Neck & Shoulder Massage

Escape day-to-day demands with a new experience at Face Body Spirit!

Whether you just want to pamper your feet or enjoy an alternative to a full massage, the 60-Minute Oasis will relax you and provide therapeutic benefits similar to massage.

Custom Blends that Provide Therapeutic Results

Soak your feet in a kettle of warm water with a blissful mix of essential oils, sea salts, & medicinal herbs to:
• Soothe and Restore
• Increase Metabolism or Circulation
• Eliminate Toxins
• Reduce Fatigue, Soreness, or Muscle Tension

Sit back, unplug, relax, and “nurture yourself”

Come alone or with a friend or partner

Perfect for Athletes, Waitstaff, Nurses too!

26 bones, 11 muscles, & 7000 nerve endings
need your attention!

60-Minute Oasis: $60
(includes 30-minute massage)

60-Minute Oasis for Two: $120
(includes two 30-minute massages)

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Foot Soak Blends!



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