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Therapeutic Massage

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Therapeutic Massage
With your specific needs in mind, we at Face Body Spirit offer a customized massage that is tailored to your health for a most effective treatment. By listening to your concerns and understanding what health goals you wish to accomplish, we can integrate different modalities and techniques for the best results. Several of the following techniques may be introduced during your session:

Swedish Therapeutic Massage
Combining rhythmic strokes to increase muscle tone and flexibility, this relaxing technique aids the elimination of toxins and the assimilation of nutrients throughout the body. It is a preliminary technique for deeper tissue massage. Swedish Therapeutic Massage encourages better sleep patterns and prevents fatigue—its effects are cumulative when enjoyed on a regular basis.
30 Min.-$50    60 Min.-$90    90 Min.-$120

Neuromuscular/Deep Tissue Massage
Working with the central nervous system, this structured process of ligament, tendon and deep muscle manipulation helps re-pattern muscles that have assumed improper positioning. It is particularly effective in aiding the removal of toxins that accumulate in the muscles, limit movement, and cause pain. Deep tissue work also provides wonderful relief from tension headaches.
60 Min.-$90    90 Min.-$120

Lymphatic Massage
This technique helps to maintain and strengthen the body’s immune system by aiding the flow of lymphatic fluid throughout the body. Prevent winter colds and soothe allergies with this treatment.
60 Min.-$90

Nurturing Touch for Individuals with Cancer
The use of touch is one of the best ways to provide support to a loved one with cancer. Whether the visit is just for one session or an ongoing series, massage can provide a positive therapeutic intervention. The massage session is modified to work around any effects of radiation, chemotherapy, surgery, or medications. It can be of benefit during diagnosis, treatment, recovery and post-recovery. It relaxes and energizes, reduces pain and anxiety, eases depression, and helps improve body image. It can also help to alleviate poor sleep patterns, muscle tension, and nausea.
60 Min.-$90    90 Min.-$120

Dry Brushing/Swedish Combination
Start with a dry brushing session to stimulate the lymphatic system, followed by a brisk Swedish massage to awaken a sluggish metabolism, and ending with aromatherapy infused hot compresses to calm and rejuvenate the central nervous system. Includes a complimentary brush for home!
60 Min.-$90

Warm-oil Scalp Treatment plus Massage
Relax while warm peppermint oil is massaged into your scalp, neck and shoulders, melting your stress away. Not only is this treatment great for relieving or preventing tension headaches, but peppermint oil also relieves dry conditions of the scalp, stimulates hair follicles, increases circulation, and is a natural cleanser.
30 Min.-$50

LaStone Therapy
The original hot stone massage takes you on a journey, using sculpting and detoxifying approaches to release and comfort tight, sore muscles. Smooth, warm basalt and cool marble stones may be alternated to encourage circulation. LaStone Therapy goes beyond the physical experience of typical massage and enters deeper dimensions of relaxation, health, and well-being.
90 Min.-$140

Swedish/La Stone Combination
If you enjoy Swedish massage and are curious about hot stone massage, this is the best of both worlds!
60 Min.-$100

Nurturing the Mother
It is a special time to nurture and honor mother and baby, so this massage addresses the common issues expectant mothers may face, such as lower back and hip pain and water retention (edema). This is a wonderful route to stress reduction, pain relief, and relaxation.
60 Min.-$90

Facial Rejuvenation
This focused technique induces a deep level of relaxation. Using warm compresses and the purest essential oils, a series of repetitive strokes are used to help release holding patterns. It visibly relaxes stress held in the face, neck, and shoulders.
60 Min.-$90

Just the Back
This back-neck-shoulders only treatment relaxes and rejuvenates, including: warm compresses, gentle cleansing, natural sea salt exfoliation, and deep tissue massage.
60 Min.-$90

Chair Massage
Utilizing a special chair, this fully-clothed upper-body massage relaxes and energizes without the use of oils. It is excellent for a quick lunch break, and can be given in our office or we will travel to your workplace (requires advance notice and participation of 6 or more employees).
15 Min.-$20     30 Min.-$40

Reiki (“Ray-Key”), is a gentle, ancient Japanese hands-on energy healing therapy. Reiki promotes relaxation and reduces stress. It helps balance and restore the body, mind and spirit to its perfect state of wellness.
60 Min.-$85
60 Min. with Massage-$90

Foot Reflexology
Your feet are made up of 26 bones, 11 muscles, and over 7,000 nerve endings. During your session, reflex points of the feet  are stimulated to provide benefits to all systems of the body. Results include improved blood supply, increased vitality, and deep relaxation. Warm herbal compresses are used to soothe the feet and assist in the release of toxins.
45 Min.-$65
60 Min.-$90

doTERRA AromaTouch Massage
This gentle, yet powerful technique uses a simple, systematic method of massaging specific essential oils along the spine/back and feet. It quiets the central nervous system and stimulates energy points. It brings the body back to a balanced state, reducing stress, inflammation and toxicity levels. Very soothing, restorative—and pleasant to the senses!
45 Min.-$65

A Sensory Journey Massage Add-On
Enhance your massage session with a sensory journey. Begin by choosing a special essential oil blend suited to your mood of the day! We’ll use these oils in your massage to create a subtle, yet profound overall feeling of well-being. Whether you need to feel at peace, more balanced, or more uplifted–the aromatherapy blend you select will make the difference! So come in and indulge yourself with this new aromatic experience!
Massage Add-On-$10

“I am a professional plumber. My job can be demanding and very physical. I often suffer from back stiffness and muscle fatigue. I began seeing Claudia over 25 years ago for massage therapy on a regular basis. Massage has helped me to get rid of stress and muscle tightness, making my job and the everyday pressures I have much easier to deal with. I am 50 years old but feel much younger. I attribute this to taking care of myself and receiving regular massages from Claudia at Face Body Spirit. If you have never had a massage, treat yourself. You will be amazed at how well you will feel.”

—Jim Golter