Therapeutic Massage & Customized Skincare

Face Body Spirit

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Portsmouth, New Hampshire
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Specials and Combo Packages

Try Our “NEW” Face Body Spirit Samplers!

Always wondering what our “other” services are about?
We’ve designed sampler packages for your convenience.

Relax & Rejuvenate

30-min Facial Rejuvenation
(with warm or cool stones)
30-min Massage
30-min Reiki

$130. (90-min)

Heaven & Earth

30-min Scalp/Neck/Shoulder Massage
30-min Foot Reflexology
30-min Reiki

  $125. (90-min)


30-min Mini Facial
30-min Massage
30-min Foot Reflexology

$135. (90-min)


30-min DoTerra AromaTouch Massage (just the back)
30-min Scalp/Neck/Shoulder Massage

$85. (60-min)

Massage and Skincare Packages

For that special day, congratulations, or birthday surprise, we’ll create a custom package (any combination of services for the Face, Body, or Spirit) in the form of a gift certificate…all wrapped up with a bow!

Package possibilities include:

The Combo
Enjoy 1 hour of Face + 1 hour of Body = 2 hours of Spirit in the same visit!

The Outdoorsman
Restore what the elements take away with 1 hour of nourishing skin and hand care, plus a 1-hour massage!

60-Minute Oasis
Soak your feet in a kettle of warm water with a blissful mix of essential oils, sea salts, & medicinal herbs to: 1) soothe and restore; 2) increase metabolism or circulation; 3) eliminate toxins; and 4) reduce fatigue, soreness, or muscle tension
60-Minute Oasis: $65
(includes 30-minute massage)
60-Minute Oasis for Two: $130
(includes two 30-minute massages)

Nurturing the Mother
Indulge in a 1-hour massage for expectant moms as well as a 1-hour facial to nurture hormonal skin.

Teen TLC
Teach your teen to properly care for his or her skin with a 50-minute facial and de-stress with a 50-minute massage!

Bridal Beauty & Relaxation
Soothing 1-hour massage & rejuvenating 50-minute facial for the bride-to-be.

Prices are subject to change